The Services We Offer…

Here is a simple list of the type of projects we undertake:

  • Domestic Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Refurbishments (house to flats etc)
  • New House (single or multiple)
  • New Apartment Blocks
  • Restaurants

As structural engineers we can provide an additional service for those that need it. It also means we can provide a package for those who wish to extend/convert and structural details and calculations are involved, rather than have a set of plans designed by one person and then have to approach another for the structural aspect of the project. If existing support walls are to be removed then calculations for a support beam to take its place will be required, or if building within close proximity to certain trees it may be that the foundations will need to be engineer designed. We can do it for you as a package, or they can be quoted separately as you wish.