Our Normal Working Procedures

Until you have the full facts it is sometimes difficult to know whether or not to proceed. Therefore feel free to call for advice on any matter and we will try to help you. Most councils have their own set of guidelines that can be viewed on line that will give you some idea of how far you can extend your property. If this confuses you then give us a call and we will try to assist you the best we can.

Once you have decided to proceed and we have been appointed we will arrange to visit the property and undertake a full survey, which normally takes a maximum of an hour. The project will be discussed with you and any immediate problems (if any) will be recognised and explained to you.

It is intended to have your plans leave our office within 12 working days from the date of the’ survey and your package will include a full set of working plans, building specifications and a letter explaining your council fees. Once our fees have been settled, we shall submit your applications online along with instructions to you on how to pay your council fees.

If you require any changes before we submit your plans, we ask that you mark these changes in red on the plan you have and return them to us. We understand that in some cases it is difficult to see exactly how your extension/conversion will look until a set of plans have been drawn.

With larger projects we sometimes provide you with a draft first to give you an idea what the room sizes will be and how the build will look before preparing final plans. This gives you the chance to revise the scheme at an early stage.

Please note that the submission of a planning application does not automatically mean that it will be approved. Applications are submitted in accordance with the council policies where able and we cannot be held responsible for the final decision of the case officer who may, at their own discretion, fail the application even though it falls within council guidelines for reasons of their own.